Top 5 things to see in Vanderkloof

Rhino Manor is situated on Vanderkloof dam on the Northern border and Rolfontein nature reserve surrounds Vanderkloof

Vanderkloof is a town in South Africa. It was built to accommodate the construction workers building the dam. The dam is situated in the Vanderkloof farm and named as the Vanderkloof dam after the farm.The dam wall measures around 108 m, and it is the highest wall in the country. Vanderkloof presently is a beautiful holiday resort in the province of Northern Cape.

The attractions to see in Vanderkloof are as below:

Vanderkloof Dam

Vanderkloof Dam is one of the beautiful attractions of Vanderkloof made by man. After the Gariep Dam, the Vanderkloof dam is the second biggest in South Africa. The dam is built around 100 km long and the capacity to hold 3,171,300 mega litres of water. The Vanderkloof dam mainly collects its water from the Orange River. This dam provides water for irrigation and for people living in nearby towns. You can also enjoy skiing, sailing, boating, Wind wake trails, windsurf sails, and Kayaking. You can watch some bird species like the kingfisher.

Rolfontein Reserve

This nature reserve is known for hiking trails and this reserve is surrounded on three sides by the Vanderkloof Dam. Bird watchers will enjoy visiting this place as they can watch around 100 different species of birds. The place also has white Rhinos and the antelope species. Carry a good pair of binoculars to watch these magnificent animals and birds. Without a binocular, it would be difficult to watch the birds flying high or the animals in the distance.

Vanderkloof dam overflowing with rainbow

Eskom Power Plant You cannot go back from Vanderkloof without taking a tour of the hydroelectric power plant. The plant produces around 240MW capacity of electricity. The tourists are presented with an introductory slideshow to let them know the history of the dam. Tourists can see the working of the power plant, the distribution network in case of power failures at other power stations, and also the power generated. It will be a wonderful experience to take a tour and understand the working of the Eskom power plant.

Gariep Dam Nature Reserve

Gariep Dam is a source of water supply to the dry regions of Karoo. The Gariep Dam is the biggest dam in South Africa. It covers an area of around 374 square kilometers. Gariep Dam is located between the Colesberg and Bloemfontein. Close to the Gariep Dam is the Aventura resort. It’s a privately owned resort where you can enjoy with your family. They have facilities like golf, swimming, tennis, and water sports. Water sports include skiing, canoeing, and sailing.

Tankwa Karoo National Park

This huge and beautiful garden is spread across a landscape of 80,000 hectares. It’s a place to visit for all bird watchers. You can find the pairs of the black eagle and even the Burchell’s Courser. You can see a variety of interesting and lush plants.

These are some of the beautiful dams, reserves, and parks in Vanderkloof that you should not miss. Besides these, there are beautiful reserves like the Oorlogskloof Nature Reserve, Doornkloof Nature Reserve, and Akkerendam Nature Reserve. You can also visit the Karoo Gariep Conservancy, Hantam National Botanical Garden, and the Molteno Pass. The Province of Northern Cape is so beautiful and mesmerizing that you would want to capture every moment in your camera. Carry a good camera to capture the beautiful region of Vanderkloof and binoculars to watch nature at its best unfolding closer to your eyes. Check the best binoculars under $200 that you can buy.

World record contending Largemouth Yellow Fish by well known fisherman

Vanderkloof is the Mecca for Largemouth Yellow fish and water sport

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